Alvaro and Janet’s Engagement in McAllen Texas

Thanks for joining me today!

I’m a huge believer in love and I’ve found – or rather a couple has found me to photograph their journey in love! I’ve been talking to Janet for months through emails and we scheduled their very special engagement session in her hometown!  Now, I’m new to Texas but the people here are extremely humble and proud of their state, and rightly so!  This part of our state is called the “tropics of Texas”, we are an hour to a gorgeous sandy beach with the most beautiful aquamarine water, this city is covered with swaying palm trees, tropical vegetation and a warm breeze will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii (but in the mainland).  Janet loves nature and wanted to display this part of Texas, so we chose the McAllen Convention Center right at the heart of the city.  This part of the city is beautifully landscaped with palm trees, birds of paradise, hibiscus plants and completely lush with a city vibe.

Their love story is a classic and romantic!  I think its the epitome of a movie like love at first sight! They met in North Carolina in a small family get together which she organized since they were new to the area.  Alvaro was invited by a friend to the get together and probably did not expect that he would be meeting his future wife that day.  Janet arrived home and they immediately saw each other which peaked their both interest(cue the music and fireworks).  Janet made the first move and offered him chips at which he turned down – but that wasn’t what he really wanted.  Alvaro wanted to talk to her, and before the night ended, they exchanged phone numbers!  Now these lovelies have talked to each other everyday since!   Meeting them in person, their spark is contagious! They are so sweet to each to each other, he held her hand throughout the session.  Alvaro made sure she laughed genuinely through every click, and embraced each other every chance they could.  I really enjoyed photographing their engagement because you can feel their love in each photograph.